Reflections on Muharram & Ashura

Muharram is a blessed month with deep connections to the history of Islam and great opportunities to grow closer to Allah (SWT) through fasting, prayer, and worship. It marks a new year on the Islamic calendar, which started with the Hijrah of Rasulullah (SAW), even though it did not happen during Muharram.

Let’s reflect on and learn from the tawakkul (trust in Allah) which was displayed by Musa (AS) when he was saved from Fir’awn by Allah (SWT) and by Muhammad (SAW) when he performed the Hijrah to Madinah.

May Allah (SWT) make this month a means to elevate our Iman and strengthen our Taqwah (piety). May Allah (SWT) accept all the sincere efforts we make on this blessed day.

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