RAMADAN 2020: Reviving the Basics-Trailer

Join us LIVE on Monday April 20 6pm Central time for Deen One’s live webcast on YouTube – Ramadan 2020- Reviving the basics.

Ramadan 2020 will be quite unique compared to the previous years due to the world’s current situation. Many Muslims are worried about how to perform their Ramadan rituals due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but our Ummah actually has a great opportunity to focus on the essence and basics of Ramadan because it remains a blessed month no matter what the worldly circumstances.

Join a youth-led discussion focusing on the upcoming changes in Ramadan this year, and how to move past any obstacles to achieve the original goals and benefits according to an Islamic perspective.

Dr. Jaleel Abdul Adil, Professor of Clinical Psychology who works with youth programs and provider in communities, will join the webcast conclusion to summarize key take-home points from the youth panelists’ discussion.

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